Mission + Geneva's philosophy is simple:  say what you want, mean what you say, but try to keep a sense of humor.

Named after the location of Delia's first jewelry studio, the idea of Mission + Geneva was born late one night in Brooklyn while Delia was commuting home.  Halfway home, as she was wondering why she left California for the nightmare that is NYC winter, the Q train stalled on the Manhattan Bridge.  Delia had a thought most New Yorkers face on a daily basis: If I’m stuck on this train for the rest of my life, how am I going to entertain myself?  

To plan for eternity on a train she took on a mind-project that would take a while, so she began to create an entirely new company with new jewelry in her head to pass the time.  She thought of some phrases she wished she could wear on her neck.  “SEAWORLD SUCKS” (it does), “WINE IS #1” (it is) among other phrases came to mind.  She realized that by creating a new line that incorporated words, people could express themselves in any way while at the same time using the high quality materials and clean lines of Delia Langan Jewelry.  

In this day and age, standing up for what you believe in while trying to find the humor in things in the meantime, is crucial.  Mission + Geneva encourages a fearless take on self expression.  Any phrase you want to show what you stand for, what you find funny, what you love.  We don’t believe in judgement based on people’s differences here, but we do strongly believe that it’s important to speak up.

Mission + Geneva is custom made to represent you - with any style or phrase that fits you,  and only you.

Today is National Pizza Day.
— Abraham Lincoln
Abe being into pizza is what every quote should be.
— Blayne
I think my friend went home with a 40 yr old wearing a floor length leopard gown.
— Anonymous