Throwback Playlist!

This time last year I made my move back East after living in San Francisco for two years.  I started my drive from LA, because last winter was SCARY AS HELL and I didn't know what kind of weather I would be blasted with if I attempted the northern route.  I stopped in Phoenix (which strangely has amazing sushi...this has been confirmed by people I know who have lived in Phoenix.), beautiful Santa Fe, Fort Worth, some state I forget, Charleston, DC, and back to NYC. 

Some people asked if I got lonely doing the drive alone but . . . helllooooo what do you think I do every day?  I make jewelry alone.  I'm the MVP of hanging out with myself.  Plus - I wasn't alone.  I was with my BFF, Lesbaru (my Subaru Legacy), and we love to listen to music together.  Here's the playlist from my drive - enjoy!